Bridge Staff Survey

About the staff survey

The staff survey component allows library staff members to provide their perspectives on technology services. They can offer insights into the challenges faced while delivering services, identify training needs, and provide suggestions for enhancing the overall technology infrastructure and support within the library.

Bridge Staff Survey

Administering the staff survey

The survey is for all staff Public Service Assistant level and up (pages are not included), completely anonymous and aggregated to ensure privacy.  All responses are captured from the survey even if it is intentionally or unintentional abandoned. We recommend focusing on mandatory red asterisk questions if time does not permit.

The staff survey for your library WILL NOT WORK until you “Manage Staff Login Credentials” by setting up email and password login credentials to access your libraries custom staff survey. It is up to you how you would like to organize your staff survey login credentials, they can be by individual staff email (not recommended for privacy), by designated group emails, by generic email for whole branch or by branch emails for large library systems.

Decide how you would like to organize staff survey group

(by branch, by staff or whole library)

“Manage Staff Login Credentials” to create staff login credentials

(branch email, generic email etc.)

Communicate purpose timeline and process of staff survey
Administer staff survey link and view reports
Bridge Staff Survey

Frequency of survey

All staff delivering technology support or digital literacy classes should complete the Staff Survey ONCE EVERY QUARTER, open for 14 full days. It is recommend that ALL Ontario participating libraries follow the SAME quarterly schedule to support benchmarking and collective data integrity.

  • 01February
  • 02April
  • 03August
  • 04October

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